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A Few Free CDNs to Increase Loading Speed

Posted (2 weeks ago).

You’ve heard about us talking about how Content Delivery Networks (or CDNs) increase page loading speed, but did you know there are a handful of free ones out there that host some of the more popular libraries like Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery and Font Awesome?  Well, there are. 

5 Reasons Visitors Leave Your Website

Posted (3 weeks ago).

We live in an era of “skimming” and in a time where information is far from scarce, keeping the visitors enticed enough to stay on a website for more than a few seconds is hard. It can be a struggle to convince visitors that their time on your site will be worthwhile.

Web Hosting, Things to Watch Out For

Posted (2 months ago).

A good web hosting is important to any website. It’s the foundation of your website, your Brand and your business. Any server downtime could potentially hurt and ruin everything you’ve developed over years. If you are serious about your website, you need to make sure it’s in good hands. There are SO many web hosting

SQL Databases Explained

Posted (2 months ago).

SQL (Structured Query Language) is the standard language for communicating between or within databases. And as far as computers are concerned, databases are simply collections of data. MySQL (usually pronounced “My Sequel”) is one of many programs designed to store and retrieve data within the database as efficiently as possible. It’s also the most popular,

WordPress Pocket Security Book from iThemes

Posted (3 months ago).

Worried that you might not be taking all the basic steps to secure your WordPress site? A new eBook from iThemes covers simple WordPress security tips for keeping your site safe from hackers; including 3 kinds of security your site needs and 4 best security practices.

Prevent Web Hosting Downtime

Posted (4 months ago).

If you host your website with HostGator, your site was probably down or experiencing issues over the last few hours. What could you have done to prevent it? Let’s put our heads together and see what we can come up with.