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jHost, LLC Incorporation

Posted (4 years ago).

All of us at jHost are pleased as punch to announce we’re now incorporated under the name, “jHost, LLC.”  Now, anybody who’s ever started a company will tell you that’s the easy part.  Well, we’re just getting warmed up. 

Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out a lot of really cool new features.  Here’s a general roadmap for all you “early adopters.”

October: A New News/Blog Site

If you’re reading this, you already know about our new news and blog site.  Proudly powered by WordPress and hosted by (of course) jHost, our new blog is simple, as is our want, and informative.  It’s about the content, not ‘shiny things.’

November: jHost Version 1

Slated to be out of our BETA phase in early December, jHost will offer clients something SO simple it shouldn’t be innovative, but it is: ‘Just fast web hosting.’  No gimmicks.  No nickel-and-dime tactics.  Dollar-for-dollar, it’ll be just the fastest web hosting small and medium businesses care about.

January: Domain Name Registration

For technical reasons we won’t bore you with, jHost’s Version 1 will launch without domain name registration offered.  Of course, clients can always buy their domain name(s) elsewhere and point their nameservers to jHost to use our hosting.  However, in January 2014, we’ll become a true 1-stop shop for hosting and domain name registration.

February: Others VS jHost

Sometimes the best way to analyze a hosting provider is to compare price and performance.  The trouble, of course, is that most hosting providers are too afraid of the results.  Competition doesn’t frighten us.  By February, we’ll launch vsjhost.co, a web hosting provider testing site.  It’ll let you view the EXACT same site on different hosts (GoDaddy, 1&1, etc.) and even enter your own URL to see how fast your site would load on these different hosts.

A Special Thanks to…

A special thanks to Sara Oliai, our attorney who did pretty much all the work getting our paperwork setup for the incorporation.  For anyone in the Park Cities area of Dallas, we highly recommend looking info Sara’s organization, Connecting Points of Park Cities (or CPPC for short).  It’s a wonderful organization benefiting a great cause.