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jHost Nominated for a WOTD Award

Posted (3 years ago).

We’re thrilled to announce that, thanks to a ton of great work from our digital agency partners, jHost has been nominated for Website of the Day (WOTD) by the CSS Design Awards.

Friday the 13th: 8 Bad Things That Won’t Happen at jHost

Posted (4 years ago).

Today is Friday the 13th and we thought we’d run down the list of 8 scary things that won’t happen to jHost customers. 

A Few Free CDNs to Increase Loading Speed

Posted (4 years ago).

You’ve heard about us talking about how Content Delivery Networks (or CDNs) increase page loading speed, but did you know there are a handful of free ones out there that host some of the more popular libraries like Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery and Font Awesome?  Well, there are. 

jHost in BETA

Posted (4 years ago).

As of this morning, jHost is officially in its BETA phase.  We’ll be taking on a few, select customers as BETA testers to make sure everything with our new hosting system works as smooth as silk.  

jHost, LLC Incorporation

Posted (4 years ago).

All of us at jHost are pleased as punch to announce we’re now incorporated under the name, “jHost, LLC.”  Now, anybody who’s ever started a company will tell you that’s the easy part.  Well, we’re just getting warmed up.